A Few of my Favorite Things, Etsy Round-up – #2

Here’s another round of my favorite things from Etsy. I’m loving the pink/mint/gold/white color theme, as you’ll see in my picks for this month.

Siamese Salt ShakerI collect quirky salt and pepper shakers. These little siamese kitty cuties would make a perfect addition to my collection.

Wooden BeadsI love the colors and polka dots on this cute painted wooden bead necklace. I keep wanting to try a DIY of this myself, but I don’t know if anything I make would be as cute as the ones I’ve seen on Etsy. Everything from the MODFRESH shop is so adorable, I want it all!

Elephant Tee

Elephants are my favorite animal. This elephant tee is so cute and cozy, I can totally see myself wearing this.

Brain Chart

This pull-down chart of the brain is so cool! I would love to have it near my desk to inspire some creativity.

Wooden Vases

Can you tell I really love wooden stuff? These vases are so adorable. I love the color palette so much.

Triangle Print

This triangle print download is so adorable. It would go great with some other prints I have my eye on at the moment. There may be a gallery wall in the works.

Cat Tote

I don’t know about you, but I have about a million tote bags. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I do have quite a lot. This cute French cat tote bag would be an adorable addition to my collection.

Born to Do This

This Joan of Arc quote print is so inspiring and cute. This would be the perfect addition to my upcoming gallery wall.

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